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Saturday Reminder #1: Everyone’s got their own bag. You can’t assume that anyone has the same stuff in their bag as you do.

Last night, as I was about to make lunch for today, I sat down on the couch, just for a second, before I started getting ready in the kitchen. I immediately fell asleep, and woke up at three a.m. My neck and shoulder being sore were the first sensations, and then I realized that I should make lunch.

And brush my teeth.

And oh gosh, I realized that by the time I got to sleep, it’d be just about time to wake up.

After two hours of fitful, disappointing half-sleep, it was time to wake up. …

Tonight, I attended a Zoom show taping of Greg Proops’s podcast, Smartest Man in the World. When you go to one of his online shows*, for a few dollars more, you can stay for the VIP aftershow, and ask Greg a question one-on-one. I always like ask about when he was a student. I think it’s interesting to hear what adults — especially my favorite adults — remember liking about school.

Tonight, I said, “Last time we talked about your favorite teachers. …

Just a free association list of things that made me gasp, cry, or smile today. That’s all I’ve got, and the day isn’t over yet.

It’s over, a lot of the tension is gone for me.

Lady Gaga, oh my goodness, what you’ve done with that song.

The Pledge of Allegiance in ASL.

Madame Vice President. Madame. Vice. President.

J Lo x Woody Guthrie

A grown up talking about US, about all of us, not about “Me.” Leadership.

Amanda Gorman, upstaging just about everyone, electric, gorgeous in the best coat of the decade, and brilliant as the sun with her speaking and her words. …

I ended the night last night, sharing the simplest of details about our new classroom holiday, Yay-Day. Created by one of my students, it all sounded simple, and sweet, but not like an important thing. This shows how short sighted we can be with other peoples’ ideas.

The celebration plans were simple. I shared them last night, but I’ll recount them now (more completely): We celebrate in school by having a toy we like on our desk, not to play with, just because it’s special to us. We eat candy. We think of someone that makes us say, “Yay!” …

This one is very simple.

I love it for that.

For our class holidays, V. came up with Yay Day. On Yay Day, you eat candy, and create cards, letters, and drawings to celebrate the people in your life. So, in addition to catching back up on our vocabulary, and technical texts, we’re going to celebrate Yay-Day!

Who are you going to celebrate for Yay-Day?

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Portraits of women on sticker labels. What will I do with them all?

It’s Sunday night, so it’s time to recap my posts from the past week! Click on titles to read more.

Monday: It’s All a Lot — A rumination on some of the aspects of school that are leaving me exhausted. The part that really saddens me is that I know my setup is a lot easier than many teachers have it.

Tuesday: Magic in the Classroom — The first of — I assume — several posts about the Magic of teaching. …

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I meant to post on Saturday, but fell asleep before I did. I drew this Saturday afternoon, and considering my tardiness, I think this advice from a bird is the perfect late post. Be nice to yourself. Not a one of us is perfect.

In the mornings, my homeroom students and I take some time out each day to do a guided meditation. We get them from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center, and most days, we pick one of the three or five minute meditations. Today, we had two quizzes (I know, I’m sorry!), and the student whose turn it was to pick chose, “Meditation for Working with Difficulties.” Apt choice. The audio is about seven minutes. …

I don’t love my classroom this year. Covid setup means that my kids are slammed to every corner as much as possible, and that’s not great. But combining that with the fact that three of my walls are made of movable panels means that I only have plugs on one wall. It’s not great.

There’s one completely wonderful thing, though. We have a door to the outdoors, and I love that so much. Again, with the Covid setup, my kids are generally stuck in a pretty rigid formation without a lot of movement. I’m doing my best to project through my mask, and across this awful classroom landscape. …


Sean Farnum

I teach kids, snuggle with cats (mine) and dogs (when I can). I eat plants, draw pictures, ride bikes, and I like to read and write. @MagicPantsJones on social.

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