Sunday Was Not a Day to Post

I got vaccine number two on Saturday afternoon. Sunday I woke up fairly fine, my right shoulder felt like there was a school bully pinching me, but other than that I was pretty all right. I didn’t have a lot of energy, the day was mostly sitting around thinking that I should do some things. It was also sitting around knowing that I’m supposed to be sitting around and not doing much. So that was okay.

Around dinner time, my body started to ache a little bit, and my temperature was up some. I had some dinner with some Tylenol, and went to bed. Nothing terrible, but I was glad that I had prepped for a substitute!

This morning, I feel pretty good. I’m not going to do anything too crazy today with my recuperation day, but if I wasn’t off, I would be totally fine to do stuff.

Yay vaccines!

Go get poked. I barely felt it. The relief is much more palpable than the needle poke, and most definitely worth a kind of under the weather day.

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