It isn’t news that Mondays have a bad reputation. Studies, blog posts, morning news anchors(in that slanted human interest story way of emphasizing their sentences), and our co-workers all spend time decrying Monday. We may as well be a comic strip cat hiding in a box in the 80s.

There’s some pushback on hating Mondays. Principal extraordinaire Sean Gaillard minted the hashtag #CelebrateMonday to take back our Mondays with a sense of positivity and purpose. I’m with him, overall. I think that school should be a celebration in general. I know that it’s not for many kids — and for far too many teachers. We could spend a whole semester enumerating the way that schools are not working for kids. But if we look at a school’s potential to be a force for good in a kid’s life — not just toward their earning an education, but in the right now, in the loving life and feeling powerful and loved and amazing sense, school can be amazing.

Buuuuut, there’s still that stink for a lot of people, and not everyone wants to buy into positivity on a Monday morning. So I’m proposing a more arch partner to the positivity, one that’s also anchored in purpose and mission. I’m good with having the same overall goal, edification and building up kids’ spirits, but what if we aim for hijinks in the process? What if we plan for some stupidity, some silliness, and general tomfoolery? I believe that by letting go of the, “But the test is in eighteen days! (And it is!)” mindset even just once in a regular while, we’re opening up so much. We’re recognizing our students’ — and our — humanity, our need for laughter, fun, and novelty. And we know that fun makes memories more effective. I can call up happy times and laughs more quickly, so can we please tie our learning to some good, stupid fun? Because if I know I get to engage in hijinks, I am driving a little bit faster to get to school on a Monday.