Sunday Artwork and Weekly Catch-up

Monday — Writing at Night Isn’t Working — Sometimes we have to re-evaluate the way we do things. It might feel like time to give up, but maybe it’s just time to change.

Tuesday — Connecting to Boldness— It’s very cool when you can see yourself - or your classmates - in the people from history whom you are studying. In this case, it was Bessie Coleman, and her unwillingness to take no for an answer.

Wednesday — When it’s not working…— This is me looking at how I try to slow things down when working with a student who is done trying to negotiate.

Thursday — More About Canaries in Coalmines — Thoughts on how when student is struggling, there are probably a lot more struggling who aren’t as vocal about it.

Friday — Shirley Had Guts — In which my students and I fall in love with Shirley Chisholm.

Saturday — Saturday Reminder — A little artwork reminding you to sleep more, and drink more water. Often, I’m really just reminding myself!