I had been doing a Sunday Catch-up post each week, and then last night, because of a comedy show online, I lost track of time and didn’t. I don’t know how important it is. Sure I get a little dopamine hit when people read this blog, but honestly this is mostly just good practice. And when it’s something that turns out really good, I’ve got it saved somewhere that I can look it up again.

Sunday was good. I got some things done around the house, I relaxed a lot, I got my grocery shopping done, I got in a nice show with Greg Proops online, I made a booklet for women’s history month so my students can take notes as we watch biographies, and I made some tasty food for myself to eat.

Keep working, keep practicing, keep being chock full of love for the people that you’re with when you’re with them. Keep a fire burning for the people that you can’t be with.

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