And apparently, that means I’m taking the week off from writing much. Monday I had off from work to recuperate from my vaccine, Tuesday was a day of drawing and catching up on work with kids, Wednesday saw me speaking to a Senate subcommittee and bicycling in Tallahassee, and today was investigating options for making my car viable for longer.

Tomorrow will be following through on the option. New shocks and struts. Although it’s not a fun expense, I know that driving a car that feels like it’s supposed to be is going to be nice. I’ve got a bike ride plan for Saturday, dinner and a comedy show online tomorrow night, and then a buffer day before school starts up again. All in all, not too bad. Not a decent spring break, but not too bad. as long as you’ve got a little break once in awhile, you can get back to it!

I teach kids, snuggle with cats (mine) and dogs (when I can). I eat plants, draw pictures, ride bikes, and I like to read and write. @MagicPantsJones on social.