I don’t care if it’s Saturday morning, this is Friday’s post.

I will mess up.

I do mess up.

I get tired, I overextend, I get super distracted.

I’m passionate about this moment, I’m passionate about the next moment, I’m passionate about the beautiful moment that passed and I don’t want to forget.

Consistency is difficult for me sometimes because I am driven by so many curiosities. If there’s something that could be tracked, and that tracking can help me live better, I’m good for a couple weeks. Then something shiny appears in my periphery. And I am on it.

So I’ve written every day - almost - and the days that I haven’t written, like yesterday, I write the next morning.

That is hard for me.

There are so many things playing for my attention.

So many worthy things.

But when I look back and see the number of posts…

When I see the consistency…

When I see that I like the work that I’ve done for the most part…

It feels good, and so here I am on Saturday morning, writing Friday night’s blog post.

I hope you have a lovely and interesting weekend.

I hope that you’re as safe as you want to be.

I hope that you’re intrigued.

I hope that you laugh.

I hope that you cry.

I hope that you touch some thing alive and share its energy.

I love you.

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