Aus’s Book of Scaressssss

I wrote about my student who has a Book of Scares. I talked to him, asked if I could share it online. I told him I was proud of him for being open about anxiety, proud of him for naming his fears instead of suffering and silence to them.

I love the pictures that he did. I love that he shared them. I love that he wants people to understand who he is. I love his sense of vulnerability. I love the visual language he’s developing even as written language can be tough for him sometimes. I love that he’s learning that saying what’s scary, defining it, helps him to control his response to it better. I love that the children around him are seeing that this nice person, this boy that everyone agrees is kind to everyone is willing to stare bravely at fear.

This is a boy who will stand up for others, and a boy who will say I need to have someone stand with me. My heart is full for this little guy.

I’m going to share his Book of Scares, I love it, and it breaks my heart that things take hold for him so easily. It makes me wonder how many other kids have anxieties that are eating them up, but don’t have the vulnerability and openness to let somebody know.

Maskless People/Covid
Airplane Failure
Storms and Flooding
Fire Drills (They’re so loud!)

I teach kids, snuggle with cats (mine) and dogs (when I can). I eat plants, draw pictures, ride bikes, and I like to read and write. @MagicPantsJones on social.

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